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I spent a large chunk of yesterday choosing between 2 web hosts that offer similar products at similar prices.

I need to setup a subversion(SVN) repository to manage my code work for Haris.tv and finally settled on Dreamhost for the following reasons:

  • Storage : BH 50GB / DH 200GB (+1GB extra per week)
  • Transfer allowance : BH 999MB / DH 2TB (+16GB extra per week)
  • Domains hosted : BH 6 / DH Unlimited
  • MySQL databases : BH 50 / DH Unlimited
  • DH Jabber server (BH None)

Also, I used a Dreamhost coupon/promo code that knocked a significant amount off the first year. Coupled with their offer of 97 days to get a full refund (if i change my mind) I’m happy with my choice.

Here’s an excellent article I found on Setting up Subversion with Dreamhost and TortoiseSVN.

OK, Let’s get on with setting up the SVN repository then!…