December 2006

Task ListAfter a successful setup of Subversion I’m now happily coding along whilst checking work in and out.

I’m currently working on a to-do list feature. This will be displayed on the blog side panel so that I can publish tasks I’m working on.

I had a look around for a suitable plug-in but couldn’t find one that covered the features I wanted, so I’ve hacked one together.

It’s almost complete apart from a priority ordering function which I’ll be finishing soon…

Dreamhost Logo
Bluehost Logo

I spent a large chunk of yesterday choosing between 2 web hosts that offer similar products at similar prices.

I need to setup a subversion(SVN) repository to manage my code work for and finally settled on Dreamhost for the following reasons:

  • Storage : BH 50GB / DH 200GB (+1GB extra per week)
  • Transfer allowance : BH 999MB / DH 2TB (+16GB extra per week)
  • Domains hosted : BH 6 / DH Unlimited
  • MySQL databases : BH 50 / DH Unlimited
  • DH Jabber server (BH None)


Draft Logo

I’ve been playing around with a logo concept for and came up with this…

I may jiggle it a bit here and there but I’m happy with the colour scheme and general feel!

I’ve just added a temporary skin to the blog which should do nicely until I get round to updating the design to something more custom. will be progressivley turning into a more aesthetically pleasing site as time goes by…

Well here I am on the Net in blog form!…

It’s an exciting time! I have many great intentions for but I’m going to take it one step at a time and get accustomed to the blogging environment first before I add any super duper features :)

Watch this (Cyber)space…