January 2007

Up until yesterday Haris.tv was using a plugin that provided visitors with an array of social bookmarking options that I decided, on review, was cluttering up the page layout. I chose to scrap it in favour of a cleaner and simpler design.

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I wanted to provide visitors with a quick and easy method of sharing articles on Haris.tv but at the same time I didn’t want to clutter the layout.


100The secure-admin plugin download count has just hit the 100 mark in about a week! Glad people are finding it useful!

Thanks to those that have blogged about or linked to Haris.tv. I’m continuously updating the site and publishing tasks on the Task List for anyone that’s interested in upcoming features…

SSL SecurityUpdate (16th April): Now compatible with PHP 5.2.1!
Update (19th April): Now supports Shared SSL certificates!

Update (24th April): Plugin renamed to ‘Admin-SSL’

Haris.tv now sports SSL encryption and my intention is to apply the security to parts of the site that handle sensitive information.

The Story
I’ve been spending a long while looking for the most efficient way to make use of an SSL certificate with WordPress. Although there have been some promising solutions out there, the majority required hacking at the code and didn’t seem elegant enough to me. (more…)

New_year_london_2007 After a Christmas and New Years break (and too much food!) I’m back to continue updating Haris.tv.

Best wishes to all for the new year!