It’s ironic, that having installed and trialed so many flowcharting solutions, my tool of choice was already installed on my laptop and I didn’t even know it.

Like most people, I used to think of Excel as just a spreadsheet package. However, as I’m going to show you in this guide, it trounces other expensive flowcharting solutions and is now my favourite flowchart software. Let me tell you why; (more…)

Up until yesterday was using a plugin that provided visitors with an array of social bookmarking options that I decided, on review, was cluttering up the page layout. I chose to scrap it in favour of a cleaner and simpler design.

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I wanted to provide visitors with a quick and easy method of sharing articles on but at the same time I didn’t want to clutter the layout.


Draft Logo

I’ve been playing around with a logo concept for and came up with this…

I may jiggle it a bit here and there but I’m happy with the colour scheme and general feel!

I’ve just added a temporary skin to the blog which should do nicely until I get round to updating the design to something more custom. will be progressivley turning into a more aesthetically pleasing site as time goes by…