SSL SecurityUpdate (16th April): Now compatible with PHP 5.2.1!
Update (19th April): Now supports Shared SSL certificates!

Update (24th April): Plugin renamed to ‘Admin-SSL’ now sports SSL encryption and my intention is to apply the security to parts of the site that handle sensitive information.

The Story
I’ve been spending a long while looking for the most efficient way to make use of an SSL certificate with WordPress. Although there have been some promising solutions out there, the majority required hacking at the code and didn’t seem elegant enough to me. (more…)

New_year_london_2007 After a Christmas and New Years break (and too much food!) I’m back to continue updating

Best wishes to all for the new year!

Task ListAfter a successful setup of Subversion I’m now happily coding along whilst checking work in and out.

I’m currently working on a to-do list feature. This will be displayed on the blog side panel so that I can publish tasks I’m working on.

I had a look around for a suitable plug-in but couldn’t find one that covered the features I wanted, so I’ve hacked one together.

It’s almost complete apart from a priority ordering function which I’ll be finishing soon…

Dreamhost Logo
Bluehost Logo

I spent a large chunk of yesterday choosing between 2 web hosts that offer similar products at similar prices.

I need to setup a subversion(SVN) repository to manage my code work for and finally settled on Dreamhost for the following reasons:

  • Storage : BH 50GB / DH 200GB (+1GB extra per week)
  • Transfer allowance : BH 999MB / DH 2TB (+16GB extra per week)
  • Domains hosted : BH 6 / DH Unlimited
  • MySQL databases : BH 50 / DH Unlimited
  • DH Jabber server (BH None)


Draft Logo

I’ve been playing around with a logo concept for and came up with this…

I may jiggle it a bit here and there but I’m happy with the colour scheme and general feel!

I’ve just added a temporary skin to the blog which should do nicely until I get round to updating the design to something more custom. will be progressivley turning into a more aesthetically pleasing site as time goes by…

Well here I am on the Net in blog form!…

It’s an exciting time! I have many great intentions for but I’m going to take it one step at a time and get accustomed to the blogging environment first before I add any super duper features :)

Watch this (Cyber)space…

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